“You can have results or excuses. Not both.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger (7x Mr Olympia Winner)

Several years ago I was out of shape and unhappy with how I looked and felt.

I had gotten so busy with my business coaching career, that I let myself go physically.

I used to use the old excuse “I don’t have time to train”…

…whenever I was reminded of what I knew, deep down, that I should be doing.

Exercising & looking after my body.

My temple.

The only body I’d ever have.

So one day I had enough.

I had enough of feeling like crap.

I was fed up of looking in the mirror and “wishing” and “hoping” for a better body and more energy.

I knew that the only way things were going to change, is if I was going to change.

So I decided to step up.

I decided to set a goal of transforming my body.

And I made up my mind that I was going to make it happen, no matter what…

…and no matter how long it was going to take.

See, I knew time was going to pass anyway… whether I trainer or didn’t.

So the only real question was…

“How do I want to look and feel, when the future does come round?”

So I headed down to my local gym and signed up.

I made my first external commitment.

That was the easy part.

Now real work was about to start…

So I just started.

I didn’t wait or procrastinate until I had it all figured out before I got to work.

I just educated myself along the way…

I invested in mentors to help me…

I just did whatever it took…

I’d run to the gym in the sun… and even in the rain.

I trained when I felt like it… and even when I didn’t.

I used the unexpected loss of my dad, and even hate for past experiences, that I had bottled up in my heart over the years…

…as a focused, pulsating desire…

…and driving motivation to create something positive.

To create a better me.

To become a better role model for my loved ones.

And hopefully even inspire others too.

I was on a mission.

Many times would train with my headphones on and hoody up, not speaking to anyone.

I wasn’t trying to be anti-social…

I was trying to get better.

Months later, after tons of sweat…

…and yes, even tears, whilst I would punch and kick the crap out of the heavy bag…

…or deadlift & squat weight way outside my comfort zone…

I was a completely different man.

And the truth is, it was HARD.

Not every day… but much of the time.

Physically and mentally.

But I didn’t care. I knew what I wanted. I had resolve.

I had to shed all the excuses that had been holding me back…

…I had to stop lying to myself.

I had to invest time, energy and money.

I had to make sacrifices.

I had to stop spending time with folks who were still heavily entrenched in making excuses.

Folks who thought it was ok to prioritise making more and more money, whilst their bodies went down the drain.

Don’t get me wrong…

I think making money is great, in fact it’s essential, but not at the sacrifice of our health.

It doesn’t have to be a trade-off.

We can do both.

Health and money.

So, as much as I cared for them…

The reality is, they didn’t care for their own health & fitness.

…or mine for that matter…

So the answer was obvious.

I just had to make a decision.

It was tough. But I made it.

I felt alone.

I questioned myself.

But I kept at it.

The result?

I had carved out a completely new me.

I developed priceless virtues I had never had as a teenager…

Like Discipline…


And Commitment…

I looked and felt better than ever.

In fact, I looked better in my mid 30’s than I did in my mid 20’s.

I later went on to share my journey by writing a book to help inspire others to start their own fitness journey.

The testimonials started coming in from people all around the world.

I’ve also gone on to coach & train folks all around the world, using the lessons I’d learned, first hand, over the years.

And the reality is, none of this would have happened, if I had tolerated excuses.

If I hadn’t made up my mind, that NO MATTER WHAT, I was going to succeed.

So my friend, if you want to transform your body…

…and look and feel better than ever, I believe you can do it.

But don’t expect it to be easy…

…in fact, save yourself the delusion and just accept the reality that it will be very hard at times…

…But also know this…

…it WILL be worth it!

Not just for the external rewards.

But for the inner rewards.

For the man or woman you’ll become in the process.

You just have to decide, once and for all, that no matter what, you will make it happen.

No excuses.

Just result.

To your success.

Coach Mo

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Happy February People! 😃

So, are you on track to reaching your 2018 goals?

Did you smash it in January like you said you would…

…Or was January another month of inaction and procrastination?

Because of fear of failure, fear of rejection or fear of loss?

Look, I’m not judging…

As a coach for many years, I understand many of the challenges people face.

And let me be 100% real before I dive in…

I certainly haven’t got it all figured out by any means.

There’s tons of things I’m still to learn…

And yes, I continue to make tons of mistakes…

…privately & publicly…

…and I still have many areas in my life where I need to mature and grow.

That said, I have learned a few valuable lessons over the years.

Ideas and mindsets that I feel may be of value to you.

Things I’ve learned the hard way.

So I want to take a moment to share them with you…

…to help you leave January behind, however it went…

…and help you get the most out of February and going forward in 2018!

There’s still time to rock the heck out of this year!

Ok, so here goes my friend…

First off it’s important to understand…

If we’re unhappy in ANY area of our life e.g. fitness, career, relationships etc, then we have to understand a fundamental truth…

That is this…

Things will ONLY get better, when we get better.

We can’t play the role of the victim and expect dramatic improvements in our life.

The victim mentality has to go!

We can’t sit around complaining or just praying for a harvest.

We have to get out there and work the soil.

Even on the “rainy days” when we don’t feel like it.

As martial artist Bruce Lee once said…

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the STRENGTH to endure a difficult one”.

So how do we develop strength?

By facing the challenges that lay between where we are today…

…and where we want to be in the future!

And yes it will be scary… 😨

…especially if we’re doing things for the first time and currently look like a fool for lack of skill or experience… 🤦🏻‍♂️

But remember, every Master was once a fool! A beginner.

And trust the fact that we will learn and become competent, as we keep pressing on! 🥋

So keep going my friend!

And yes, we will face criticism & rejection by others who will “call us out” for taking imperfect action… 🤬

…whilst they sit there in their tiny cave, or behind their keyboards criticising others…

…but are actually afraid to step up and try something new & risk failing themselves in public…

But in those moments, when strangers who don’t even know you…

…or haven’t a clue about your journey…

…what you’ve been through or where you’re going…

…still choose to criticise you…

Just remember the wise words of the author & public speaking legend Zig Ziglar…

“There has never been a statue erected for a critic!”

And yes we will have to make sacrifices to rise to where we want to be.

But you’ll get your rewards in due course!


Sometimes to get to the “gold”, we have to climb a few mountains and face a few dragons… 🐉💰

So in closing my friend…

I want to encourage you…

To face your fears…

To get around the right people…

And take consistent action…

Because the rewards will be worth it!

Coach Mo

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The legendary Mark Twain once said “The man who doesn’t read, has no advantage over the man that can’t read”.

And I’ve never believed a quote to be as true as this one and here’s why…

See… I’m writing this post around Christmas time…

So, soon there will be a lot of people, all around the globe, who say they want to get in shape and then decide to join the gym.

They’ll make a “resolution” and say they really want to make it work “this time”!

However, they won’t invest in educating themselves on what it REALLY takes to succeed.

And when times get tough, which they always will, they will quit.

Only to try again “next year” and keep repeating the cycle of failure!

On the other hand…

You have the types of people who understand that success is a journey.

A long uphill climb with lots of struggles along the way.

It never ends, but the further you go, the better the view!

Those are the folks know that to stand the best chance of success.

If I know one thing for sure as a mindset coach, a qualified fitness professional and as a man, it is this:

The person who succeeds over the long term in any venture is usually the one who’s most committed and most prepared.

Who’s not just physically prepared, but also mentally prepared.

Who knows how to strengthen their mind, day in and day out and isn’t easily thrown about by the strong current of life.

And being mentally prepared is exactly was what allowed me to join the gym many years ago and get super ripped naturally…

…and still be there years later!

Training away each week…

Eating well…

…and looking better at 37, than I did when I was in my mid-twenties!

Look, it’s not some kind of magic, reserved only for the elite!

Don’t let anyone fool you that you can’t succeed also!

It just takes the right kind of mindsets and daily disciplines.

Combine that with a good physical training & nutritional program…

…and you’re set to go!

But, like I said, you need the right mindsets first.

Because as 7 times Mr.Olympia winner Arnold Schwarzenegger says…

“The mind always fails first, not the body”.

And it’s because of this fact, that I have journaled the key mindsets that I personally use to get ripped…

…and put them into a book called Think Yourself Lean.

A book that I still read myself and that you can read in your spare time to mentally strengthen yourself.

You can read it at the coffee shop…

…on the bus or train…

…or in your living room or office.

Think of it as your portable mindset training tool.

I actually insist that all my mindset coaching clients pick up a copy and study it.

Now I appreciate the topic of mindset may not be as sexy a topic as the latest hyped up fad diet, but it’s key to your success.

Without it, sooner or later you’ll fail. That’s from past personal experience.

So I invite you to pick up your copy today and set yourself up for success over the long term!

Mindset Coach Mo 💪😃🏆

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Freelancers & Entrepreneurs…

Wanna know how to grow stronger and be able to conquer each day?

Here’s the secret, if there ever was one…

We have to put ourselves intentionally through pain!

That’s right…



WTF I hear some of you say…

That sounds nuts Mo!

Look, I understand my friend…

I once thought the same way too, but when I finally understood this valuable principle and the penny dropped…

I got to benefit from it.

Now I’m much fitter, look and feel better, plus am much happier for it.

And you will be too if you understand and apply this principle correctly.

Let me explain.

Most of the time people are searching for comfort. We all do.

I think it’s part of the human condition. A survival instinct perhaps.

In the past, the elements may have killed us if we weren’t careful…

So we’d intentionally look for shelter, until we were forced through necessity (e.g. hunger) to leave the shelter and hunt or gather… just to be able to live another day.

However, these days it’s easy to spend our whole lives sheltered by our luxuries.

Comfortable sofas, warm bed, microwavable meals. You name it.

And whilst these tools aren’t inherently “evil”, just like money, if used incorrectly, they can become a vice.

An addiction.

And to make matters worse, these days we ain’t gotta do much to survive.

At least in the U.K. That’s just my life experience.

We get handouts like we’re some kind of soft, newborn babies. That’s another story.

And paradoxically, this will make us weak!!!

Soft, flabby, physically lazy people… addicted to comfort and sitting down.

However, there is a catch to this. A price to pay for this way of life.

You ready…

Here’s the cold hard truth.

Understand this and you will be set free!

All life is contact change!!!

Nothing is permanent. We all get old and die. Fact.

(Side note: Google the terms Memento Mori & Wabi Sabi if you underestimate this. Or just take a walk through your local cemetery if your not the reading type.)

Anyhow… I digress.

We all get older.

And if we don’t work our bodies, we stand to develop pain and disease.

Like Benjamin Franklin once said…

“Sloth, like rust, consumes faster than labor wears, whilst the used key is always bright”.

So let’s not be slothful, aka Lazy, when it comes to our bodies.

Eventually our laziness may shorten our lives.

Look, I’m not trying to be harsh.

I’m just explaining natural law. It’s always the weakest of the herd that gets eaten.

The question is who do you want to be.

The weak one or the strong one!

As my boxing coaches used to say…

“The more you sweat in the gym, the less you bleed in the ring.”

My MMA coach and Tae Kwon Do coach used to teach me something very similar.

But you don’t need to be a martial artist, to understand this simple truth.

Life is tough and will only get harder as we get older, UNLESS we fight back against the new “elements”.

Unless we put ourselves through discomfort, before life bestows it upon us. Which it always does.

That’s why we MUST train and eat healthy most of the time.

Those things should not be a luxury.

Remove that thought out of your head if you think it is. It’s a necessity.

So here’s the great news. You’re never too old to start. I’ll be 40 in a few years.

Remember this… every time you think training is hard work, just remember…

“The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow”

Know that every rep you do, every pull up you do, every squat you do…

Is an investment into fortifying the only temple you’ll ever have.

Like not brushing our teeth, we really can’t afford not to do it.

We can make excuses all we like, that we don’t have the time or energy to do it, but life doesn’t care!

Natural law persists. Our teeth rot away and then comes… pain!

So either have the pain of discipline (of doing the work) or the pain of regret.

Otherwise sooner or later we will pay the price. Severe pain and unnecessary medical bills… or worse! Whether it’s our teeth or our bodies as a whole.

This is all from personal experience. I wouldn’t preach it, if I didn’t practice it.

So, you have a choice to make buddy. Set up your game (get help if you need it) or ignore this wise heads up.

Which will it be? The clock is already ticking.

Mindset Coach Mo

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To think it’s been over two and a half years since I joined the gym. I do have to pinch myself sometimes.

I say “shocking” because given my past experience, I usually would haven given up a long time ago on myself by now.

See, in the past, I used to start training, get ok results, but then find myself quitting as soon as things got a little tough.

I’d get tired working long hours and resort to eating junk food and giving up…

Or I’d get an injury and use it as the perfect excuse to go straight back to my old ways…

Or I’d go on holiday, lose my momentum because I wasn’t able to train and eat the way I did back home and then give up…

And this seems to the case for most people I speak to and have the pleasure of coaching.

Maybe you can relate to some of the above??

Anyhow, one day I realised that it wasn’t my external circumstances that were the cause of me giving up on my fitness goals…

It was my mind.

My thinking.

My inner dialogue.

My psychology.

That’s when I decided to take a different approach and invested the necessary time and energy to address the real problem.

The REAL source of the problem.

I invested in coaches and mentors who helped me create new habits and new ways of thinking.

At first I doubted they could help me, as I figured they wouldn’t understand me.

After all, what would they know about my “unique” situation?

How foolish I was.

Luckily I decided to take a leap of faith and let them help me and lead me.

As I was definitely not in the headspace to lead myself.

And that’s when things began to improve.

Sure it was tough at times.

They encouraged, inspired and led me.

And yes, sometimes they even pushed me to change, but all for my own good. Tough love!

They made me realise what was REALLY at stake if I didn’t change.

The impact it was inevitably going to have on my health if I didn’t change.

How it was going to affect my loved ones if I continued to blame my circumstances for not changing and carried on burying my head in the sand.

And it made me realise how sooner or later I was going to hate what I’d allowed myself to become, if I didn’t stop making excuses and get my act together.

That’s when my actions began to change…

And so did my results!

I started taking positive action and making positive changes.

I started exercising more and cutting out the unhealthy foods that I had allowed myself to get attached to.

Some days were easy, but more were tough, especially in the beginning…

But I kept going.

I just took one day at a time.

Suddenly I began to see my daily problems as opportunities to grow stronger, rather than excuses to quit and turn back.

That’s when I knew my mindset had changed.

Over time, my mind grew stronger and stronger.

I’d journal about my successes…

I’d check in with my coaches and mentors on a regular basis…

I’d speak out strange sounding affirmations and incantations to train my brain…

And whilst at times it felt strange, I trusted the process and kept going.

Until I had trained my mind so much, it allowed me to weather some VERY strong storms.

Naturally, my body followed suit. I get stronger and leaner.

The fat just fell off and the muscle started to appear.

I even gained so much momentum that I started inspiring others to start their own journey.

It wasn’t long before people asked me to share my mindset “secrets” in a book, so they could read it in their own time.

So I decided to write a book all about the inner game of get in shape.

I called it Think Yourself Lean, because it’s all about how we think and how our thoughts affects our body.

I wanted to write a book that took a complete beginner through the mental stages that happen from day 1 of joining the gym, all the way to success, regardless of how out of shape they were.

I wanted it to be a book that anyone could use to empower themselves.

And that’s what I have created.

I’ve since made it available to anyone who wants to truly change.

Since then my personal journey had gone from strength to strength.

Sure, I’ve still had my struggles, but I chose to use them to help me grow stronger and inspire others to do the same.

And it’s has happened!

I regularly get testimonials from people all around the world, thanking me for encouraging them to get in shape.

People have started losing dozens of pounds of unhealthy fat, often within a few short weeks connecting with me or studying my resources…

And in a strange sort of irony, it encourages me even more to keep going.

To think how things might have been if I had used any of the endless circumstances that I’ve been faced with over the years as an excuse to give up?

Non of this positive stuff would have happened.

So my friend…

Just think…

How will your life be different if you decide to make the same investment in your own mind and body as I have?

If you decide to raise your own standards, become a leader and develop the mind and body you are truly capable of?

Image how much better your future will be for yourself and those you care about?

I’d like to invite you to follow the same mental leadership principles that I still use to this day and take your body to the next level.

I’d like to share with you The 7 Keys To Transform Your Mind And Body here.

And I look forward to hearing your success story in the near future.

All the best,


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mo-mastafa-dumbellsMan I wish I had this information years ago. All I can do it share it with you now and hope you’ll be smart enough to listen.

Look, if you think you’re going to be able to create LASTING results in your body and your fitness by only having a nutrition plan and a training plan…

Then I’ve got bad news for you.



Because you’re missing a vital ingredient.

And without this crucial ingredient you are doomed to fail over and over again.

You will ALWAYS have hit and miss results.

You’ll lose weight and gain weight…

You’ll look good for a moment, and then return to mediocre or worse…

Like a firework, you may shine bright for a moment, but then your sparkle will quickly fade and so will any temporary attention you may have received.

Wouldn’t it be better to look great permanently?

So you could have more energy and confidence all year long…

And so you could always have more self esteem and feel your best permanently?

Now you might be wondering what this crucial ingredient is.

Well, here it is.

It’s what elite athletes from past to present, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan and Connor McGregor all have in common.

It’s what separates those who have a temporary win, from those who continue to win over the long term.

It’s this…

A mental game plan.

It a way of training your mind to keep you mentally strong. So when your body feels like giving up… you don’t!

Without a strong mind YOU WILL QUIT!

Every time.

So you need to have a metal game plan.

Not just a plan for your food and your training, but you also need a plan for your mind.

Why am I so certain?

Because I help coach individuals all the time who struggle for the exact same reason.

And because, in the past I used to be the guy who thought it was all about training.

I was that guy, putting in reps and sets in the gym and then coming home and eating cheese on toast!

Thinking it would be enough.

But I wasn’t.

And then I was left wondering why I wasn’t making any progress and often felt like crap.

I would then give up because my nutrition sucked and I wasn’t seeing any real results.

Luckily, eventually I wised up a little.

Look, there’s only so long you can bang your head on the wall without results, before you see sense and try a different approach.

That’s when I invested in my education about good nutrition.

Suddenly results started happening and I put on some muscle and burned some fat.

However, that didn’t last long, because I still had a weak mindset.

I had no real willpower.

And then, as soon as the summer was gone, my external motivation disappeared and guess what???

I quit.


Why? Because I lost my motivation and couldn’t get myself to train at the gym.

Especially as the winter months came along and it was cold and dark out.

Look… Anyone can work out during the summer, when it’s sunny out and your friends are there… and you’re talking about going out for drinks on the weekend.

But it takes a whole different mindset to get to the gym during the winter.

When you’re leaving your house to get in the car… and it’s freezing cold outside… and you have to warm up at the gym with goose bumps all over your body.

No you get to see who’s really committed to their goals.

See, in the past, I’d always train for a few months, and then something would happen.

There’d be a change of seasons or my personal circumstances, and then I’d drift, and eventually knock my training on the head.

I’d quit!

Thankfully, a few years back I hit rock bottom.

I was so busy with my work as a business coach that I had put on enough bodyfat to hate the way I looked and felt.

I got fed up or constant ups and downs and decided to change.

I decided to pursue long term success.

I gave up the need for quick wins and short term success.

That’s when I realised that my biggest problem was my mindset.

It was me.

I kept quitting because I was focusing on developing a strong body, but not developing a strong mind.

And just like there is a science to effective exercise and nutrition, there’s also a science to developing an effective mindset.

You can’t just say, “I’m going to smash it” and run out trying to be a hero in the gym, expecting long term success.

Not without a mental game plan.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said “the mind always fails first, not the body”.

You can’t just try to power through forever, as you’ll quickly burn out.

You need to be smarter than that.

You need a sound mental game plan.

A way of thinking to help get your from point A to B… and all the way to Z!

So how do you create a mental game plan?

Well, thankfully, after years of study and trial and error, as well as hiring some amazing coaches along the way, I’ve created a mental game plan that you can use to help you to get lean and stay in shape.


No more temporary success.

I talk about it in my book “Think Yourself Lean – How to fix your mindset fast and get in your best shape ever, no matter how busy you are.”

And every now and then, depending on my busy work schedule, I will also host a live, interactive training online, where I show you the key pillars I’ve used over the years to get in my best shape ever.

So if you are interested in being part of this live online training, simply go to join my newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when the next training is coming up.

I look forward to sharing with you the true keys to getting in your best shape permanently and naturally.


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