Mindset – The Key To Your Success In Getting Lean

The legendary Mark Twain once said “The man who doesn’t read, has no advantage over the man that can’t read”.

And I’ve never believed a quote to be as true as this one and here’s why…

See… I’m writing this post around Christmas time…

So, soon there will be a lot of people, all around the globe, who say they want to get in shape and then decide to join the gym.

They’ll make a “resolution” and say they really want to make it work “this time”!

However, they won’t invest in educating themselves on what it REALLY takes to succeed.

And when times get tough, which they always will, they will quit.

Only to try again “next year” and keep repeating the cycle of failure!

On the other hand…

You have the types of people who understand that success is a journey.

A long uphill climb with lots of struggles along the way.

It never ends, but the further you go, the better the view!

Those are the folks know that to stand the best chance of success.

If I know one thing for sure as a mindset coach, a qualified fitness professional and as a man, it is this:

The person who succeeds over the long term in any venture is usually the one who’s most committed and most prepared.

Who’s not just physically prepared, but also mentally prepared.

Who knows how to strengthen their mind, day in and day out and isn’t easily thrown about by the strong current of life.

And being mentally prepared is exactly was what allowed me to join the gym many years ago and get super ripped naturally…

…and still be there years later!

Training away each week…

Eating well…

…and looking better at 37, than I did when I was in my mid-twenties!

Look, it’s not some kind of magic, reserved only for the elite!

Don’t let anyone fool you that you can’t succeed also!

It just takes the right kind of mindsets and daily disciplines.

Combine that with a good physical training & nutritional program…

…and you’re set to go!

But, like I said, you need the right mindsets first.

Because as 7 times Mr.Olympia winner Arnold Schwarzenegger says…

“The mind always fails first, not the body”.

And it’s because of this fact, that I have journaled the key mindsets that I personally use to get ripped…

…and put them into a book called Think Yourself Lean.

A book that I still read myself and that you can read in your spare time to mentally strengthen yourself.

You can read it at the coffee shop…

…on the bus or train…

…or in your living room or office.

Think of it as your portable mindset training tool.

I actually insist that all my mindset coaching clients pick up a copy and study it.

Now I appreciate the topic of mindset may not be as sexy a topic as the latest hyped up fad diet, but it’s key to your success.

Without it, sooner or later you’ll fail. That’s from past personal experience.

So I invite you to pick up your copy today and set yourself up for success over the long term!

Mindset Coach Mo 💪😃🏆